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If you were sued and your money or property were at stake, who would you want on the bench to ensure your rights were protected?

The choice is clear…


Judge ken Tapscott has a strong track record as a judge and Democratic Party Leader. He’s the right choice for Democrats.Judge Ken Tapscott with 2017 Democratic Elected Official of the Year Award

Judge Tapscott has tried more than 420 civil jury trials.
His opponent has tried zero.

Judge Tapscott has 21 years of civil law experience.
His opponent has six months.

Judge Tapscott is endorsed as qualified by the Dallas Committee for a Qualified Judiciary.
His opponent is not endorsed.

Judge Tapscott has been rated as excellent or acceptable by 90% of lawyers in the Dallas Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Poll.
His opponent has never been reviewed.

2017 Democratic Elected Offical of the Year AwardJudge Tapscott was named the 2017 Elected Official of the Year by the Democratic Party and has donated over $100,000 to the Dallas County Democratic Party and individual Democratic candidates from his campaign account or personal funds.
His opponent has no service history with the party.

Judge tapscott is endorsed by:

  • Progressive Voters League
  • Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
  • Dallas Black Criminal Bar Association
  • Mexican American Democrats
  • Mexican American Bar Association
  • Lake Highlands / Whiterock Democrats
  • Preston Hollow Democrats
  • Metrocrest Democrats
  • North Texas Asian Democrats
  • Far North Dallas / Richardson Democrats
  • AFL-CIO Dallas
  • Teamsters Local 745

His opponent received one endorsement.